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It’s not too late to turn in volunteer time sheets

13 Jan

By Jamie Bouldin, assistant director for leadership and service

It’s not too late for students to turn in their fall volunteer time sheets. The Office of Student Affairs Programs – Leadership and Service is still accepting records of students’ volunteer service for the summer 2011 and fall 2011 semester.

“Students are encouraged to turn in time sheets twice a year in order to give us an idea of how we’re progressing toward meeting our overall service-hour goal,” Jamie Bouldin, assistant director for leadership and service, said.

Time sheets are available here ( and they can be e-mailed to

Hours are tracked each year beginning in March. Fall time sheets should include any community service that took place from March 2011 through the end of November 2011. For freshmen or transfer students, this can include hours served during high school or at other universities, as long as you are not receiving credit for these hours for the PVSA program at another institution.

Spring time sheets will track volunteer hours accrued from December 2011 to March 2012.

“Turning in the volunteer hours halfway through the year also helps students keep a more accurate record of their service,” Bouldin said. “When it’s March and you start trying to remember what you did in October, you end up either guessing or just leaving the service off your time sheet. By turning in time sheets now, you only have to worry about tracking your spring hours from this point on.”

The time sheets also help track which students and student organizations are eligible for the President’s Volunteer Service Award. The PVSA honors individuals who serve at least 100 hours and groups that serve at least 200 hours in one year. Honorees are invited to the annual ODK Leadership and Service Awards and given a certificate and pin.

“Students should remember that any amount of service, large or small, is very valuable, and we want to count it all,” Bouldin said. “If a student can only find time to do 10 hours of service each semester, that’s still 20 hours of service over the year that has gone to help their community or someone in need. Plus, if all SFA students found the time to give just a few hours of service, it would add up to tens of thousands of hours. Every little bit counts.”

However, Bouldin said, students have to turn in records of their service in order for the hours to be added to the overall count of SFA’s service hours.

“Even if your time sheet only has what feels like a few hours on it, we encourage you to submit it anyway,” Bouldin said. “It’s still an important and valuable contribution, and we want to know about it.”