ODK’s Peace Project seeks submissions from students, parents

26 Oct

By Alyssa Tenorio – Member of Omicron Delta Kappa

Omicron Delta Kappa, SFA’s leadership honor society, invites parents to participate in its Peace Project as part of the organization’s annual leadership conference.

In 2010, Karen Walrond, a blogger and author of “The Beauty of Different,” was taken aback by the actions of a church in Florida. On Sept. 11 of that year, members of the church were planning to burn many volumes of the Quran. Karen hated what this church was about to do, so she asked her followers to send her images of whatever they considered peaceful – she called it a photobomb. She would collect all the images – or homemade cards, coloring book pages, etc. – to send to this church as a reminder that the church’s mission “should always and eternally be one of peace.”  Hundreds of pictures and cards later, Karen sent the box – decorated by her daughter with rainbows and more peaceful messages – to the church in Florida.

That’s the back story. Our story, here at SFA, is almost the same, just tweaked a little bit. We are working on our own photobomb project, what we have called the Peace Project, as part of ODK’s annual leadership conference on Nov. 5. Our images will be heading to Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, the group that protests military funerals.

Why did we decide to do the Peace Project? Besides the fact that Karen Walrond is one of our guest speakers (along with Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi), as a whole our organization decided it would be good for the campus to participate in a peaceful act against Westboro. We wanted to educate students on a different way to demonstrate their frustration with groups such as Westboro, as well as promote peace.

Why did we choose Westboro? At some point in time, almost everyone has met or known someone in the military, or been in the military themselves. The student in charge of our conference is a military


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