Staff Q&A: Daphne Curl

12 Aug
Daphne Curl, Testing Coordinator

Daphne Curl, Testing Coordinator

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In each Parent’s Newsletter, we feature a Q&A with one of our Student Affairs staff members.

Name: Daphne Curl

Position: Testing Coordinator

Department/Office where you work: Disability Services

Number of years at SFA: 6

Educational background: Bachelor of Arts, radio/T.V. with a minor in general Business; Master of Arts, communications from SFA

Tell us how you came to work in your current position: I began my SFA career by working in the Registrar’s Office and then eventually moving to the Office of Admissions. It was during that time and the result of several promotions that my passion for working with students formed. I began working for Disability Services during my academic career in the master’s program. I started out as the administrative assistant, but due to the rapid growth of the department, I was promoted to the position of testing coordinator for clients who utilize testing services while enrolled at SFA.

What do you love about working at SFA? I love the students, the friendly but hardworking atmosphere, and the overall staff dedication to the success of not only the university, but also the students.

What’s one thing you wish you could tell SFA students and parents? SFA is a university that genuinely cares about a student’s academic career and will offer amazing support and guidance for them to reach their future goals.

What do you like to do in your free time? I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends … life’s too short!

Daphne Curl can be reached at


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