SAA members plan exciting campus events

12 Aug

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By Amanda Horne, Assistant Director for Student Activities, Office of Student Affairs Programs

Student Activities Association

Student Activities Association

Student Activities Association is the programming body on campus. Our members plan and implement activities ranging from major concerts, weekly movie series, coffeehouse events and much more. Applications are available in both the fall and spring semesters.

In order to join SAA, each student must complete an application and go through an interview process. Applications are available in the Involvement Center on the first floor of the Baker Pattillo Student Center, or in the SAA office, BPSC Room 3.305.

SAA provides students with leadership skills, life skills and an opportunity to apply what they are learning in the classroom to an extracurricular activity. SAA members must maintain a minimum GPA and must meet the minimum standards in order to remain a member.

Membership Contract

Each member is required to sign the annual membership contract, which details member expectations and outlines the accountability structure. The contract serves as a reference for situations that could arise and what the end result will be. For example: “If I fail to show up on time to an event that I am scheduled to work, I understand I will receive one strike.” This alleviates any confusion among members. Each member is given a copy of the contract for their records, and the signed copy is filed in the office in their membership folder.

Board Meeting

Each member is required to attend the weekly meeting where upcoming events are discussed. If a member misses a weekly meeting, they are responsible for coming to the office and signing the minutes.

Office Hours

Each member is required to work one office hour per week. During an office hour, a member may make posters, hang fliers, facilitate a lunchtime event, etc. The office hours are scheduled around the member’s schedule.

Work Events

Each member is required to work a predetermined amount of events per month based on how many events are scheduled. Members are able to choose which events they work based on their availability. On average, our members work three to four events per month.

Propose Events

Each member is required to plan an event for the following semester.


Each member is responsible for collecting data on their event through a Student Voice survey, focus group or reflection activity. The members will report their findings at the weekly meeting. Each member is also required to meet with an officer and complete an event evaluation where they identify the overall expenditures, cost per person, problems and successes, and what they would do differently if given the responsibility.

For more information on SAA, please visit our website at


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