Party later, save the world now on ASB trip

12 Aug
2010 Alternative Spring Break Group

2010 ASB students in New Orleans

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By Jamie Bouldin, Assistant Director for Leadership and Service

What better way to “be the change you want to see in the world” than to use your time to make a difference? If your student is already considering plans for Spring Break, the Office of Student Affairs Programs offers an option that’s both fun and meaningful – the Alternative Spring Break program.

Leadership and Service Programs will take 16 students on its 2012 ASB trip, in addition to two student team leaders who help to plan and lead the trip. The team will be selected this fall through an application and interview process. You can find the ASB team application here. Applications are due Friday, Oct. 7. Interviews will take place Oct. 10-15 and involve both a service project and a sit-down interview with staff and team leaders.

We make sure to have good conversations with each student who is interested in going so we can ensure that the students want to go for the right reasons and that the team members we pick have something to learn from each other. We look for students who have been active in community service in the past, as well as students who haven’t been engaged in service, but truly are interested in helping others.

Students who take part in our ASB trip work hard on their service projects, but we also allow them to take advantage of the sights and sounds of our host city. There’s definitely time for work and play, and the students will learn a lot about social issues that impact our destination.

This year, the ASB destination is being kept under wraps until the first team meeting, after the student team is chosen. The location will be revealed in a fun and exciting way by the team leaders.

Team members will have to put down a non-refundable $50 deposit at the first team meeting and are responsible for another $50 in the spring, either through personal donation or by fund raising with the ASB team. There will be multiple opportunities for fund-raising activities. The more money the team is able to raise, the more “fun” activities we will be able to plan.

For more information, send me an e-mail at or call (936) 468-1088, or contact Sydni Mitchell, Student Affairs Programs graduate assistant, at or (936) 468-2870.


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