Going Greek: What’s the impact?

12 Aug

This is one of many articles from our Parent’s Newsletter, sent three times a year to parents of new and returning SFA students. To sign up to receive the newsletter, please click here. 

By Beverly Farmer, Director of Student Activities

During college, a fraternity or sorority offers your student personal and professional support within a smaller group of friends in a larger university environment. With this support, your student’s individual personal and leadership development is fostered through attending seminars as well as holding officer and committee positions within the chapter.
Membership in a fraternity or sorority enhances your student’s academic achievement by providing several forms of support, from study resources to quiet study areas. The students are also encouraged to participate in community service through philanthropic activities, establishing a pattern of lifelong service to others.
After their undergraduate years, students will have built lifelong friendships as well as continued personal and professional support through alumni activities and networking programs.

How does my student get involved?

SFA has four distinct Greek categories, and each category has their own system for recruiting new members.

  1. Inter-Fraternity Council is comprised of 15 fraternities that are limited to male members. Fall recruitment takes place Aug. 29 to Sept. 3. To sign up, your student should visit   www.sfasu.edu/studentaffairs/106.asp and click on “For Fraternity Recruitment Sign-Up, Click Here.”  Then, complete the registration form.
  1. SFA Panhellenic Association is comprised of five sororities limited to female members. Fall recruitment will be Sept. 9-11.  To sign up, your student should visit www.sfasu.edu/studentaffairs/106.asp and click on “For Sorority Recruitment Sign-Up, Click Here.”  Your student will have to complete the registration form and upload a headshot.  Before Aug. 26, the fee is $50. Beginning Aug. 26, the fee increases to $75.
  2. National Pan-Hellenic Council includes three sororities and five fraternities. These chapters require students to have between 12 and 24 completed credit hours at SFA before they are eligible to seek membership in the organization.  As a new freshman, students will need to maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher and start logging service hours in order to meet the minimum requirement for membership in these organizations.  Watch for posters that invite you to informationals to learn more about the individual group recruitment process.
  3. Multicultural Greek Council consists of four sororities and three fraternities.  Some of these groups will take first-semester freshmen, while others will require up to 24 completed class hours at SFA. Watch for posters that invite you to informationals to learn more about the individual group recruitment process.

To be eligible for recruitment in any Greek group, incoming freshmen must have at least a 2.5 GPA from high school. Students can also join if they have a 2.5 GPA with at least 12 college hours, either from SFA or transfer credits.


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