Students should plan ahead for Housing changes

10 Mar

by Jennifer Waters, Assistant Director of Residence Life

The end of another academic year is quickly approaching. For you, that very likely means your student will be coming home. For the Residence Life Department, it means that we will have approximately 4,500 students leaving us for the summer. Before that can happen, students must take care of a number of tasks. We want this to be as smooth of a transition for you and your student as possible. To that end, this article will cover a few of the essential details of which your student needs to be aware. The Residence Life Department greatly appreciates your help in reminding students to take care of these matters.

Students need to decide which hall they would like to live in for the 2011-2012 academic year. We ask all students to log into their mySFA accounts between April 6 and 10 to renew their residence hall contract for next year. Those students who choose to renew their contracts will not be required to pay an additional deposit. Beginning April 12, students will have an opportunity to select their space for next year based upon availability and class standing. Specific details will be provided to the students soon, so they should keep their eyes open.

One of the biggest tasks students have for the end of the year is to move out of their residence hall room. The halls close Saturday, May 14 at 2 p.m. Before students officially check out of their rooms, they need to ensure their rooms are clean – floors swept and mopped, all tape and residue removed, and trash removed. This includes the living room, kitchen (stove, microwave, sink, refrigerator, etc.) and bathrooms for residents who have them. Students will need to remove all of their personal belongings from the room and then go over their room inventories with a community assistant. Once they have completed and signed their room inventories, students will return their keys to a staff member. Students who fail to complete these steps may be charged for cleaning or damages. See for tips on cleaning and a list of damage charges.

It can be very challenging for students to accomplish everything at the same time they are preparing for and taking final exams. The sooner students start this process, the easier it will be for them during finals week. For example, will students need ALL of their winter clothes after spring break? If not, why not take some home now? It will leave that much less to pack at the end of the year!

If your student or you have any questions about what they must do to renew their residence hall contract for next year or to move out at the end of the year, feel free to contact the Residence Life Department at, at (936) 468-2601, or at the offices on the first floor of the Austin Building.


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