No Shave November – What’s the Big Deal

10 Nov

College men! Now you have a reason to let your face grow and tap into your inner Lumberjack! No Shave November is in full effect with student and staff celebrating by retiring their razors until December 1. No Shave November is a reminder for men to protect themselves from testicular cancer, one of the most common forms of cancer for men ages 15-40. Each year over 8,000 men will be diagnosed and 400 men will die from the disease. These statistics are sobering because if caught early the disease is almost 100% curable. members of Delta Tau Delta fraternity and the SFA Spirit Teams will be holding various “beard offs” this month in an effort to raise money for the Livestrong Foundation.

In addition SFA students are encouraged to drop by the SGA tent during Lumberjack Alley on November 19th to pick up their fake beard. We want to get all students in the Purple Haze section to “Beard Up for Testicular Cancer” and be the manlinest cheering section in the world. Remember the most effective method to detect testicular cancer is a self-exam. Just like for women and self-exam can detect any small lumps or imperfections and get you to the doctor in time. For more information on this subject go to:


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