Bring your Axe Handle to the Battle – Just to the right section!

19 Oct

Students and Alumni will be allowed to bring their Axe handles to the Battle of the Pineywoods game this Saturday in Reliant Stadium provided they are in the right designated seating. Axe handles will not be allowed in any aluminum temporary seating. Other than that students are encouraged to bring their handles and show their Lumberjack Spirit. Students and fans who do bring handles to the sections designated below will have their handles taken up by Reliant Stadium staff.

Sections NOT allowed to have Axe handles are:

No axe handles will be allowed in the following seats:
· Section 136 – first 22 rows · Section 137 – first 22 rows · Section 101-103 – first 4 rows
· Section 130-132 – first 4 rows · Section 121-123 – first 4 rows · Section 110-112 – first 4 rows · Section 115 – first 11 rows · Section 116 – first 18 rows · Section 117 – first 18 rows
· Section 118 – first 11 rows

Please check your tickets and make sure your row and seat is Axe Handle approved!


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