AlcoholEDU helps students make good choices

28 Jun

This summer all incoming students at Stephen F. Austin will be required to complete AlcoholEDU.  This web-based, non-judgmental education program helps students learn more about how alcohol affects their ability to make good choices and how alcohol impacts their physical health.  AlcoholEDU allows students to use their current alcohol usage patterns to build an education program tailored for them.  All information is confidential and the program has shown to help curb the “college effect” or the unsupported expectation of many college students that consuming unhealthy amounts of alcohol is just an expected part of any college experience.

For SFA, this year marks the third year the school has assigned this program to its students.  “To date we have had over 7,000 SFA students complete alcoholEDU and the results have been great!” said Michael Preston, Director of Student Affairs.  “Students who have completed AlcoholEDU have said to us that the program helped support their choice to remain alcohol free after arriving to college” He added.  Since the first implementation of AlcoholEDU in the summer of 2008 SFA has been happy with how their students have used AlcoholEDU to make better choices.

86% of students who have complete AlcoholEDU reported that they learned something new about alcohol they did not know before.

84% of students said they will use the information contained in the program to to reevaluate their current choice to drink.

90% of students felt they now have the knowledge needed to help a fellow student who is suffering from alcohol poisoning.

78% of students said the program prompted at least one conversation with their parents about their expectations for college.

And the program seems to be working.  SFA is not unlike any other university in that students who choose to drink can find alcohol.  What makes SFA unique is 72% of all SFA students are classified as active non-drinkers (defined as consuming lass than 2 drinks in the previous two weeks).  This compares favorably with a national average of 58%.  For students at SFA good choices are a tradition.

AlcoholEDU 2010 will begin on July 27th and continue through the first class day. Students can complete the program by logging onto MySFA, clicking on the MyServices button and then following the AlcoholEDU link.  For more information go to:


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